Terms and conditions (T&C)


1. Scope

These general terms and conditions (called T&C hereinafter) shall apply for all contracts, the subject matter of which is the provision of hotel rooms or accommodation in the wolke4 AG, including any ancillary services, as well as for all counter-performances to be rendered by the clients. The T&C shall apply to each proposal or offer of the guesthouse wolke4. They shall be an integral part of any agreement. The T&C shall prevail, should they contradict the contractual terms.

2. Contract conclusion

After booking you’ll receive from wolke4 a written booking confirmation. The contract is only established upon reception of this written booking confirmation.

3. Services, payments and prices

The guesthouse wolke4 is obliged to render those services ordered by the customer and agreed in writing by the guesthouse.

All prices are stated in CHF (Swiss francs) inclusive of the value-added tax (MWST).

The guesthouse wolke4 shall have the right to demand the payment of the total costs in advance. If the customer fails to meet this obligation, the guesthouse wolke4 shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract after setting an appropriate extension period. The client shall be liable to the guesthouse wolke4 for any resulting damage.

If no payment in advance is requested by the guesthouse wolke4, the full invoice amount must be payed by the client at latest at the departure date by Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay or in cash.

If payment by invoice has been agreed upon, the entire invoice amount must be paid 5 days after the invoice date.

In the event of default in payment, Guesthouse Wolke 4 is entitled to charge default interest of 5% and to charge an expense allowance of at least CHF 50.00 per reminder.

The right to change prices is expressly reserved.

4. Liability

The client is liable to the guesthouse wolke4 for any damage and loss of property, caused by himself, his employees, representatives or event participants or other third parties. The guesthouse wolke4 declines any responsibility in the case of theft of or damage to articles brought along by the customer, his employees, representatives or event participants or other third parties.
The customer at his own cost shall insure objects against all risks. The guesthouse wolke4 is entitled to demand proof that a sufficient insurance has been taken out at any time.

The customer is obliged to keep peace and order. He commits himself to indemnify the guesthouse wolke4 from any claims raised by authorities or third parties (including event participants, guests or employees and contract partners of the customer) and compensate any resulting damages.

The guesthouse wolke4 shall only be held responsible for intent or gross negligence and for direct damages caused by the breach of contractual or non-contractual damages. All other liability on whatsoever grounds, especially for slight or medium negligence and for indirect damages, in particular like lost profit, is expressly excluded.

5. Contract withdrawal by the guesthouse wolke4

If, due to circumstances for which the guesthouse wolke4 is not responsible, in particular due to force majeure, the performance of the contractual obligations of the guesthouse wolke4 becomes impossible or is significantly impeded, wolke4 can rescind the contract in whole or in part, without the supplier thereby acquiring any claims against wolke4.
If there are reasonable grounds for believing that the planned events endanger smooth business operations, the security or the reputation of the guesthouse wolke4 or the customer infringes article 12 of these T&C, the guesthouse is entitled to cancellation of or withdrawal from the contract without being liable to pay any compensation.
The right of the guesthouse wolke4 to assert damage claims against the customer remains expressly reserved.

Guesthouse rooms

6. Check-in and check-out times

The guesthouse rooms are ready for occupation on the arrival day from 15.00 o’clock and must be left for 12.00 o’clock on the departure day at the latest.

7. Block bookings/room contingents

The customer shall provide the guesthouse wolke4 at least 14 days before the arrival a participant list which specifies the following: first names and surnames of all guests, time of arrival, payment conditions of all guests. After the expiration of the deadline specified by the guesthouse wolke4, the still available rooms of the corresponding contingent are released for open sale.

8. Cancellation conditions

The following cancellation conditions shall apply as well to the cancellation of bookings as to no-shows and in case of premature departure.

The cancellation of a booking of guesthouse rooms must be received by the guesthouse not later than 72 hours before the arrival date (before 14.00 o’clock local time). If the customer cancels at a later time and in the case of no-shows, the booked room rate is fully charged. If you cancel before 72 hours, an administration fee of at least CHF 10 will be charged in all cases. The guesthouse reserves the right to agree upon individual cancellation conditions.

Applicable law/place of jurisdiction

Swiss law shall be exclusively applicable to the present contract. The cantonal court of Berne is agreed upon as court of juridiction.
In the case of invalidity of one or several provisions of these T&C, the validity of the other conditions shall remain unaffected thereof. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by such a valid provision that comes as close as possible in its meaning.

Büren, February 2020